Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Love Water Based Nail Polish Even if If It Is Not Natural

Lately my nail polish obsession has been collecting water base nail polishes. I love that they are non toxic and do not contain strong smelling solvents like traditional nail polish.

Some brands of water based nail polish advertise themselves as being natural, which got me thinking. Is water based nail polish natural? I can read the label on the back of the bottle, which says "water, acrylic polymer emulsion, non-toxic colorants." I know what water is and that it is natural-check.

Now what is acrylic polymer emulsion? I looked up each part of the term. An emulsion is a suspension of one liquid in another liquid that it is not soluble in. A "polymer" refers to a compound that has a chain of repeating units. Okay. But what about acrylic? I know that some clothes are made out of acrylic, but what is it?

After lots of research I came to the conclusion that acrylic is a synthetic plastic produced by a chemical process. So, water based nail polish is not natural after all.  Oh, well, I still love it!

And even though water based nail polish contains plastic, it is still safe for kids and people of all ages.

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